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Wintana is a "flower" that can now show its beautiful colors

Wintana had suffered violence in eight years.
Wintana was raped by her father.
Wintana the mother has HIV.
Wintana is epileptic.
Wintana, with all this heavy with, he's only fourteen.
And now, in front of me, Wintana smiles. In a gentle way that nature has intended just for her. Wintana after the violence has become part of the project flowers are reborn . Wintana, for us, is simply a "Flower". A flower that is able, now, to show its beautiful colors. Below is a psychological journey structured and designed specifically for you by your reference to the psychologist Counseling center: Temesgen. Due to the family situation, the guilty father who is in prison, and his sick mother; Wintana was a guest for about ten months of one of the four family houses under the project. After this period has been entrusted to the care of his grandmother. Because of his illness Wintana has trouble getting around and talking to fluidity, which is why the staff of the Counseling Center has decided to make her participate in art workshops, another key segment of the project flowers are reborn .
The laboratories are currently active in music, theater, photography and video. The workshops have been designed with the aim to socialize children, to interact with so many similar situations but always unique.
The fundamental purpose of the workshops is to return the children in touch with one's self, after the trauma; them back in confidence with your body, with your actions.
A slow but steady regain of a self disturbed by the violation of an abuse. Their conviction of being guilty of acts completely inappropriate. Sing and act together does harmonize with the physical proximity of other children, through the mediation of trained operators. Taking photographs and shoot short video is small and focus on specific actions that need listening carefully. Give the possibility, as instruments in digital, reviewing on their own work and develop a first analytical capacity, helping to raise, as a result, self-esteem obviously flawed. A challenge to your self that you are not guilty of other shares. Other. Which are, unfortunately, uncontrollable children, who are immensely distant from the love, respect, innate from civilization that should govern every human being. You can not always find excuses to human actions. Only because there are not, do not exist.
Wintana attended the workshop video, you see it turn around to friends with small camera, then, all serious and focused decides that subject or scene resume, press the button and slow moving, zooming, review the shot, expresses approval or disappointment with their shots and then move the camera to the companion.
But it has not always been so, Wintana. At first, shy and embarrassed, stood in a corner. Slowly, thanks to the encouragement of "his" Temesgen, thanks to Heleni - operator of the video workshop - Wintana has become familiar with lab partners, with small camera, with itself.
One step at a time, has arrived today in front of us, to "run around" with others, to crush a fleeting wink of complicity while filming me, give me a kiss as she passes by. Wintana, as he tells us Temesgen, before it was very lazy and listless, but now in the days when he attended the workshops Wake Up Grandma dawn, excited and happy. Wintana is one of "our pride" of which we are proud, which give the famous "sense" of things, work, commitment Il Sole Onlus and all the Italian fans who follow us. Wintana is in fact followed through ' sponsorship here is declined precisely in our conception of support at close range.
Why was your Wintana, with his tenacity of thin girl, and before fragile child, to shorten a distance so great, full of space, of culture, of pain, of immeasurable misfortune. Just one look at her young shoot, a kiss son of surprise to shorten any, even the slightest, distance. Thanks, then, Wintana. I will carry your message to those who believe in you, far away, but only in kilometers from here.


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