Family Counseling Associates of Jupiter

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Vulnerable Family Help Line Pipe ◎ 1957 ◎ Interior welfare concern mutual associations Chinese parent families (02) 2391-9917 ◎ TFCF (04) 2206-1234 ◎ city and county Department of Social Affairs

World Vision calls, as long as that little battered around a case of suspected child, or is itself the victim, can play one hundred thirteen women and children line help

Chinese Christian Relief Association

Accton Community Hall

Eden Foundation

Mennonite Foundation

Tzu Chi Foundation

Yahoo! welfare

Suicide prevention help depression pipeline unit addresses, web phones. Department of Health Advisory Suicide Prevention Center 0800-788995 Teacher Chang Foundation, No. 219 Sung Chiang Road, Taipei 401, 02-25025858 (Rep.) or dial short code 1980 John Tung Foundation in Taipei 12th Floor, No. 57 Fuxing Road, the 3 02-27766133 turn 21 ~ 25 Sung Chiang Road, Taipei, Taipei Lifeline Association, No. 65, 11th Floor 02-25059595 1995 (Taiwan-dial line) Counseling Center Mackay Mackay ─ ─ peace line, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, No. 92, Section 2, 9th Floor 02-2531050502 -25318595


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